Cheekky's Story

In 2014 my life was forever changed when I joined Cheekky’s sister site, Findrow. I was fresh out of college and all I had ever known was modeling full-time. I saw so much value in the concept because the internet is essentially worldwide, meaning an endless amount of people could subscribe to my content. Whereas with the conventional modeling I was doing, I was stuck with a harsh schedule and standard pay. Im a numbers gal and it just made sense. I eagerly signed up and couldn’t believe my first months paycheck considering I was too shy to advertise my app, The Secret Garden, to my then 10,000 instagram followers. The platform advertised for me, unlike any other site, and that was the key component in my initial success. A few years after I signed on, the Premium Video feature launched and that’s when things started to really get serious as it tripled my income.

I'm a girl thats comfortable in my own skin but I was raised in the south with conservative parents so I knew in order for me to sleep soundly at night, I was going to stick with the art of the tease, and it worked. Suddenly I was receiving thank you messages from subscribers stating they love the fact I didn’t give it all away, and that these days it’s hard to find content providers that leave anything to the imagination. I fully believe my success comes from the amount of things I don’t post online, and that's where Cheekky was born.

Findrow, the site I grew up on, is an anything-goes platform, and that's ok! But I wanted to create something that girls like me would be comfortable posting on. Most subscription based platforms have a certain connotation to them that didn’t fit my voice and my mission, so I am excited to be a part of a site that celebrates women in a light-hearted way that urges them to be themselves and not feel pressure to constantly push the envelope. The art of the tease has gotten me where I am today and I know it can do the same for you.


“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”



Cheekky is an exclusive, invite-only subscription based platform where talent can publish extra content for their fans. The same content you post on Social Media is what you’ll post here, just more of it. Our content providers (that's you!) have a top tier brand and large social following. Real models, real talent, professional content.


Cheekky is looking for elite level talent who are driven and consistent. Post professional photos from shoots or sneak peeks of your everyday life. We are excited to create a platform that encourages talent to just be themselves, rather than pushing the envelope.


Once you sign up as a content creator, consumers buy a monthly, 6-month, or annual subscription to view your posts. Cheekky already has thousands of visitors each day that you will be advertised to so you can start making money right away. Talent that posts 1-3 times a week are most successful. There are also in-app purchases such as premium videos you set prices for yourselves. These videos can include BTS content, Q&A’s, or whatever you please.